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Free shipping on most orders over $49.

90 x 132 in. Rectangular Petal Taffeta Tablecloth (2 Colors)

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Original price $69.98
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Featuring an array of delicate taffeta circles individually secured to create a look and texture of gorgeous cascading soft flower petals, our 90 x 132 in. Rectangular Petal Tablecloth adds feminine grace and elegance to your event tables. Give your guests something to swoon over at your wedding or other celebration with our lovely petal tablecloths, also referred to as Flamingo petals. 90 x 132 in. rectangular tablecloths provide a full drop on standard 6 ft. rectangular tables.


These rectangle tablecloths are purposely designed with rounded corners for both appearance and safety.

Full-length table coverings (that drop all the way to the floor) will naturally have too much cloth that "puddles" at the corners. This excess cloth is not only unattractive, it can also create a trip hazard for your guests.

This is why has designed our full-length 90x132 and 90x156 rectangle table linens with rounded corners. We believe that our design is not only prettier, but also safer.

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