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Free shipping on most orders over $49.

90 X 132 in. Rectangular Pintuck Tablecloth (6 Colors)

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Original price $35.50
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Keep it classy with our elegant line of affordable pintuck tablecloths. Perfect for banquet events like weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and Quinceaneras, a Rectangular Pintuck Tablecloth offers a smart, sophisticated look. Featuring intricately tucked rows of rich satin, our pintuck table linens are made from high quality taffeta fabric. Rounded corners help prevent accidental trips by removing the usual puddle of fabric rectangular corners generally have. Pair with our pintuck sashes and table runners for a unified look throughout your event hall.


These rectangle tablecloths are purposely designed with rounded corners for both appearance and safety.

Full-length table coverings (that drop all the way to the floor) will naturally have too much cloth that “puddle" at the corners. This excess cloth is not only unattractive, it can also create a trip hazard for your guests.

This is why has designed our full-length 90x132 and 90x156 rectangle table linens with rounded corners. We believe that our design is not only prettier, but also safer.

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